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Motorcycle Chariot Update….

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Sorry we have not Posted in a while.. Well as you know we were planning to make Daytona…And make our debut…We ordered our parts on time and were on the way….

When a certain overnight company that shall remain nameless lost them..We are not happy because we do not like to say something and not carry it out…OK so you can say we are Pissed we wanted to meet so many of you and start making things happen

Over the past year out fans keep growing and nothing is possible without any of you ..And for those who don’t know a lot of people have and do stick by us and we will never forget that thank you for being so patient with us…

The parts have been re ordered and on the way and we will be back in the swing of things very SOON ! and if they get lost again (which has been our luck Lately) We will drive out to California and get them ! 

Once again thank you for your support and patience and we cannot do this with out you guy’s either so there are many good thing’s to come for our fans

Thank you and your the best ,

Magician Studios and Heavy Hitter Promotions


One of the many Helmet’s

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Just dropping a line to say that it’s a few week’s till Daytona , and we are almost done !..So here is a snapshot of one of the many helmet’s that will be worn..

Of course for the show comming soon you are welcome to come up with your own if you are selected to compete..

See You At Daytona !!!  

From A Lonely Place…To the Living Room of..

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Buff The Stuff

Millions…Buff Bagwell is on his way and bringing Motorcycle Chariot Racing and Heavy Hitter Promotions….

For more Information call Michael James at 954-494-1990

Sneak Peek… Motorcycle Chariot Racing

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We promised you a site and its almost finished. But we figured since we have been telling all our egar fans that we would show a little sneak Peek at the site


We hope you enjoy what you see and did not forget everybody..But we are very hard at work to bring it to you 

Happy Holidays From Magician Productions

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From all of us at Motorcycle Chariot Racing, Magician Productions and Heavy Hitter Promotions to you and your familiys .. and we are working on Christmas day to get the Motorcycles and Chariots up and running for our Debut…

Thank you our Loyal Fans….

Michael James 

Magician Studios presents….Motorcycle Chariot Racing

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Motorcycle Chariot Racing…