Motorcycle Chariot Racing Update….

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Our new website Motorcycle Chariot Racing .com is in the works and almost completed…We are taking so long with it is because we want it to be the best for you to see.. And you will be able to see another show on the website itself ..Featuring the one and only Buff Daddy himself….

Hold on everybody were on our way….. 


Who Is Michael James…

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Since 1970 Michael James has been bulding and painting custom motorcycles…His first bike “The Crusader” was actually featured in Street Chopper Magazine..After a few shows in the northeast and a few years later he moved from his native New Jersey to South Florida where he opened his own Custom Paint/Motorcycle/Welding shop…Where he actually developed a process to make paint stick on glass and along his travels has accomplished many tasks….

He was a manager of star productions who actually organized all functions for the Fraternal Order Police from 1972 to 1976..Then he became the very first representative  for Lucas oil in the state of Florida and actually introduced this outsanding product to the state . Then shortly that accomplishment he became president of the DCCA (Dwarf Car Club of America) and became the top promoter of the sport organizing races from Tennessee to South Florida…During his down time he is an accomplished artist and has many works of art …Welded sculptures and carved glass pieces that are all over restaurants and assorted locations right here in South Florida…  

And now Mr James will introduce Motorcycle Chariot Racing and a Non-Profit Organization to help injured wrestlers who have given thier live’s to entertaining us and in need of our assistance..And with the assistance of Marcus “Buff” Bagwell of WCW Fame and who was injured during a match in the late ’90s and has made a fantastic recovery over the years…

Motorcycle Chariot Racing is comming 2008….And Buff will see you in Sturgis South Dakota too kick it off …Stay Tuned 

Happy Thanksgiving…

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From Magician Studios and Heavy Hitter Promotion’s…Buff Bagwell , Michael James and the rest of us…We hope its a safe one as well…

An do not worry as I type this we are hard at work on the charity and the chariots too bring them too you real soon 

The Cause..

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A few years ago Marcus “Buff” Bagwell sustained a neck injury preventing him from continuing his dream of wrestleing entertainment..He and Michael James have been friends for years and Michael also being a huge fan of the sport decided to do something about it..

Togeather they have formed a chairity for injured and deceased wrestler’s and thier familiy’s..To help fund the chairity the master craftsman/motorcycle builder has developed motorcycle chariot racing… Location and Rules are coming soon so hang in there ..If there are any questions you can call Michael James at (954) 494-1990

Heavy Hitter Promotions

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And its sister company Magician Studios Present Motorcycle Chariot Racing … Featuring Marcus “BUFF” Bagwell of WCW Wrestling Fame… Location and Rules coming soon…

Contact Michael James for more Info…(954) 494-1990

Magician Studios presents….Motorcycle Chariot Racing

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Motorcycle Chariot Racing…